Health concerns regarding mold growth in indoor environments has ignited interest in indoor air quality investigations and biological remediation services. There have been reports linking health effects (asthma, allergy symptoms, etc.) in office workers and residents with moldy building materials. People are now aware that indoor mold is common and, if left untreated, can lead to serious health problems and/or liability issues.

Our Services Include:

  • Remediation of mold, bacteria, sewage and/or water damaged building materials
  • Complete remediation services including remedial investigations, remediation design and oversight
  • Provide detailed proposals describing remediation methods, estimated completion dates and projected costs
  • Perform mold remediation activities using HEPA filtered negative air content systems, HEPA vacuums and antimicrobial (EPA registered biocides) treatment
  • Use trained/experienced mold remediation/environmental technicians (OSHA 40 hour training in mold remediation and water damage restoration)
  • Independent laboratory pre and post-remediation testing is also home to the LOYEAR SMILE BUTTON®. With just one ‘click’ ; you have access to Photos, Video, Journal Notes, Estimates, Scopes, Floor-Plans, Progress Updates, Important Contacts, Documents & Instant Messaging. This service is provided at no additional cost, 24 Hours a Day-365 Days a Year ! The LOYEAR SMILE BUTTON® is available from anywhere on or above the planet with an internet connection!

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